Thursday, September 08, 2005

What is it about a tree?

What is is about a tree that make you feel good?

I have been bugging Mike since we moved in to put a tree in the back corner of the yard to block the late afternoon sun. Sometimes it gets SO hot and it beats right down on the house. SO, today we made the plunge. We had a beautiful Red Maple Tree planted in the perfect spot. It looks so strong and healthy. (I hope it stays that way). I keep looking out the window to see if it's still there. It is. Strong and healthy. I just feels good to have it there. I guess it's the "new life" thing.

On the other hand, we had the two trees in the front of the house trimmed. The huge Bradford Pear is my favorite. It has beautiful flowers in the spring, provides awesome shade in the summer, displays it's gorgeous colors in fall, and stands guard in the winter. It was starting to get a little tired looking, a little "overworked". It was just sagging. I knew that it needed some help yet it was difficult to watch the men carefully trim it back - branch by branch. It looks like a great weight has been lifted off it's shoulders yet at the same time looks so bare and fragile. I know it will be fine but something in me feels so sad that it's "gone". I look forward to seeing all of the new branches and leaves next spring.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

4 Rugrats and a Shopping Cart

I knew it would be an adventure but I had no idea.

The weather looked like it would hold off a little and we might make it before it rained. We needed the essentials (milk, eggs, bread). So, I decided I would take all four kids to the grocery store. I knew that by taking the stroller I wouldn't have enough room for everything I had to buy. So, I decided I would try the cart with the bench attachment.

The boys helped me hold the babies hands while we dodged cars in the parking lot. We made it across right to the spot where all the carts were. I chose Vanessa to be the first victim. I placed her gently on the bench and strapped her in. It tooka while because I had to readjust each of the straps. She looked ok. Next I grabbed Nick who was bouncing around like Tigger with Mike and Luke frantically holding on. I placed him on the bench and no straps. So, I had to move the cart to the side (which anyone knows is very difficult) and find a new one. I decided to check the straps first this time. Another one was missing. Checked another cart, then another. AH! I finally found a cart that had one good set of straps and one that had the center strap missing. But hey, it already took 15 minutes so far. This will have to work.

We finally make it inside the store. AH!! The A/C was cranking. Very refreshing.

Mike and Luke seemed to enjoy walking and playing the big brother role. They didn't fight with each other or bother me in any way. LOL because Nick and Vanessa were at it from the start. They didn't like how close they were to each other. Believe it or not Vanessa was the instigator this time around. She was slapping Nick and pulling his hair. He just wanted to play with the Rescue Hero he brought along for the ride. Needless to say, he got very loud every time she touched him. (From my perspective, it was actually funny). Of course, everyone looked at me with that "Poor dear: Better you than me" look. I just smiled and kept on. Frankly, I thought the fact that Mike and Luke were not fighting was a blessing!

We grabs our goods, packed up the car, and made it home in one piece! Success!