Friday, April 07, 2006

Today's word is BOY!!!

Today I'm going to BLOG about the word BOY!! It sounds funny to say it that way but I do have a funny story to share about a boy...his name is NICK!

Today was the Easter Egg Hunt at school. Mike and Luke were already there. I took Nick and Vanessa with me around 9:45am. They were both very excited. Vanessa being a GIRL was much more calm. Nick on the other hand was very exited. He mingled amongst the other kids and made instant friends. When it was time to go into the gym, they both held my hand and we followed the crowd.

The gym was set up just like it would be at lunch. All of the little tables were lined set to each classroom. (Nursery, Pre-K, and Kindergarten). Each seat was adorned with a cute bunny picture "placemat", a cute napkin, plate, a cookie, and a box of Fruit Punch. Nick and Vanessa didn't waste any time digging into the juice and cookie. They were so proud to be using a big-kid straw.

About the time the kids were finishing their cookies, the Easter Bunny arrived. I was surprised that Nick and Vanessa were not scared at all. Each class took turns getting in line to sit on the big bunny's lap. Mike and Luke even let me take their picture. Vanessa waited patiently while each kid in the boys' class met with the big white bunny. When it was her turn, she walked up, turned around (so that she could be must be a girl thing), and then chatted with the bunny.

However, Nick had other ideas. He headed back to the table to finish he cookie. So I thought!! He actually worked his way down the table to each of the "extra" spots and took a bite out of every remaining cookie!! I think there were EIGHT in all. I guess I don't have to tell you he was on a "sugar-high" for the rest of the morning. Boy....did he take a good nap this afternoon!


Trish said...

LOL!! What a story!!!

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