Friday, March 07, 2008

Tagged by Kimmi

So my friend Kimmi tagged me.

I have to make a list of 7 Random Facts about me....not sure what to say.
  1. I was on the Swim Team from age 8 until I graduated from college. Now, I HATE swimming. (Laps...not really the pool).
  2. I grew up in the city (Philadelphia) but when to an Agricultural High School (you know FARMING....LOL)!
  3. I am a Certified Group Exercise Instructor and Personal Trainer. I don't do PT right now but I teach two GroupEx classes a week.
  4. I'm afraid of the DARK. Seriously....VERY from my bathroom to my bed (3 feet away) afraid.
  5. I've changed my hair style and color like a MILLION times in my life. I have no idea what my natural shade or style is.
  6. I played Flag Football for about 10 years. I played defense cause I liked to try and intercept the ball. I was pretty good.
  7. I can't snap my fingers on my right all...nada!

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