Tuesday, June 13, 2006

He did it!!

He did it!! He didn't seem to be nervous at all. They paraded in and lined up on the bleachers. Then the teacher called him down to the podium. He (literally) grabbed the microphone and did his thing.

(Of course I HAD to take the pictures. I crouched in the aisle and got off a few shots. I still have to download so I'm praying they were good). Anyway, he was LOUD. REALLY LOUD. It was too cute. Everyone laughed. He just went right along with his mouth glued to the microphone. The principal chucked with me because she remembered him being so scared in Nursery school.

Then they started with the prayers and songs. At one point our Pastor got up to speak. It was so funny. He said something like, "I know that Michael Hutchinson doesn't need the microphone but I do". Everyone laughed. I thought Mike was going to fall on the floor laughing

Luke got up with a few other kids. It was so cute. They had a little poem they said along with some arm and hand gestures. I got pictures of that too. He has a huge smile!

Towards the end they gave out the "awards". You know how that goes...they are so cute. "Good Friend Award". "Good Helper", "Good Reader". Luke got the "Good Worker Award". I almost died laughing. He NEVER helps around the house. I teased him about that. BUT then, Michael got the LEADERSHIP Award!!! I almost cried. It was like a REAL award. I was so proud because he was SO painfully shy as a baby and even when he started school. I know Mike was proud too.

After the ceremony we had a little reception with snacks and stuff. The kids had a blast. Even the babies were running around with the "big" kids like they were big.

My Mom, Dad, MIL and my SIL/BIL came too. Thank Goodness because we needed help with the babies. It was hot and they both wanted ME the whole time. LOL...I wanted no parts of them cause I was taking PICTURES!! (Bad Mommy!!!)

OK...Thanks for letting me spew and brag!!!


Trish said...

That is awesome Patti! Big congrats to him!!!

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