Sunday, December 11, 2005

What is it about The American Girl Doll?

After having three boys, I figured it would be so much fun to buy a doll but I just didn't get The American Girl thing. Until this weekend!!!

I received catalogs in the mail which were sent to the previous owner of our house. I quickly looked through them and thought, "Who would pay that much money for a doll?". (Guess who?) I tossed out the catalog and went on with my life.

Fast forward to December 2005. It's time to start thinking about what to get Vanessa for Christmas. Hmmm.....a doll?? Sure!! It will be fun! Of course, I procrastinated and then before you know it....ANOTHER AG catalog arrived. This time, something caught my eye. The Bitty Baby Doll. Hmmm....has this been there the whole time and I didn't notice it? I'm not sure.

So, to continue the story. My Mother-in-Law, my Sister-in-Law Diane, and I planned a trip to NYC to get our hair done. While there I thought, "Why not stop by the American Girl Doll store?" We walked for blocks dodged crowds of people to Fift Avenue and 49th Street. Ther eit was right in front of us!! I was actually getting excited. THEN....OMG!!! The line! NOT the line to purchase the doll but the line to get INSIDE the store!!!! I asked a lady who was about half-way through the line how long she had been waiting. "About 40 minutes". OMG! I didn't think it was worth that long of a wait.

We decided instead to find a place to eat and "maybe" try again later. After dinner we walked back "just to see" if the line was managable. WELL, not only was it wasn't there! We walked right in. THEN, it HIT ME. I HAVE A GIRL and I'M BUYING A REAL DOLL!!! We took the escalator up to the 3rd Floor where the Bitty Baby dolls were. That is when I saw her....the fair skinned, blonde, blue-grey eyed doll. That was the one!! I scooped her up and hear the sales lady say, "You're lucky you got her, we're selling out really fast". OH JOY! Of course, I had to buy the Ice-blue winter outfit with the matching fur cape!!!

Now, I just have to wait THIRTEEN more days until Vanessa finds her under the tree!!

(Here's hoping she actually PLAYS with her!!!)

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