Tuesday, September 11, 2007

9/11 - Do you remember where you were?

I remember how beautiful the weather was that day. I used to get up and take Mike and Luke for a walk in the jogger everyday (they were only 1). For some reason that day, I didn't get out the door on time. I was watching the Today show when they broke into the story and showed the first plane hit. They thought it was an accident and was a small plane. So I watched for a few minutes. I remember called DH on the phone at work (got his machine) and told him about the plane. We have a lot of friends who live and work in NYC.

For some reason, I just wanted to watch at not walk. Then, I remember seeing the second plane hit. It scared the crap out of me. At first I thought, there must be something going on in the tower...they are not "seeing" these planes or something. When they started saying it was a big plane and probably not an accident, I panicked. I called DH crying that "something was happening". Being a new Mom, at home, alone scared me. When the 3rd plane hit the Pentegon, I called DH again and begged him to come home. We live just outside of Philadelphia and all of our family is in Philly....I really thought it was going to be next. Then, later when that last plane crashed in PA, I was in shock. All I could think of was all of the people I worked with who might be traveling that day or be IN NYC.

I also remember being in a fog for days. Even people the supermarket, bank, and gym were quiet. It was like no one was talking. I continued to take the boys for a walk the next day. It was really an eery feeling to NOT hear airplanes. Then, the first day when I DID hear them again...it really scared me.

Days and weeks later we started to hear about people we knew who lost loved ones in the Towers. I didn't know anyone personally but I knew a lot of people who did. I also knew a few people who were SUPPOSED to be there that day but were not....missed train....cancelled meeting, etc. It was a day I'll never forget.

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