Saturday, June 21, 2008

OH! The agony!!! I hate waiting!!!

Well....I sent my DT Submission to Cosmo Cricket. Now I'm on pins and needles. I have no idea when the calls will be made or when they will announce the team. So I guess I should relax and maybe scrap a while!! (Don't tell DH cause he thinks I should be cleaning the house).

My friend Kitty used to be on the team and said how STINKIN COOL they are (you can tell by the funny videos on their blog). I met them at CHA last summer (and I'm SURE they remember me..LOL)!!! I would LOVE to create project instructions and teach classes at LSS's or conventions. What do you think? Would you go? (OK...Chris...I know you'd go)!!!

Ok....back to life....I should get off this cloud for now!!! Wish me luck!!

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